Monday, January 4, 2010


I haven't written anything here in a while because I've been on a diet. This consists chiefly of eating nothing but fruit throughout the work day and making a mild effort not to eat anything too disgusting at dinner. Today I ate a pear. It was extremely boring to eat and left a cold, sad lump in my tummy, as distantly removed from satisfaction or fullness as night from day.
Amazingly, however, it's worked and I've lost some four or five kilos and look SVELTE. My pants and I are now on much better terms. The goal of this exercise (if constant low-level hunger can be termed such) was to fit into a pimp pale grey pinstriped suit that I bought in 2006 and which received very little play due to weight gain, before the end of the "winter". Why must I fit into this suit, you ask (since after all if you're bored enough to read it you may as well continue the favour by asking questions)? No reason. Is just nice.
So...I might just convert this blog into a regular food review. People seem to like that stuff.