Monday, June 1, 2009

Eurodeli, unpunned

Eurodeli used to be awesome, but it’s gone quite severely downhill. Nevertheless, due to its proximity and 24-hourliness I often order food from there, even though the only really good items are the fries and some of the Lebanese food.

Today Dettol Girl and I ordered, respectively, a Panini Veggie (fresh vegetable with vinegar balsamic and garlic) with mozzarella cheese and a Tuna Sandwish (corn, tomato,lettuce, mayo or lemon) without the mayo. They were L.E. 12 each, although the extra cheese cost L.E. 4.

Dettol Girl liked her sandwich. It took considerable prodding to get her to say “it was a little small” (it’s huge, but she works out for 5 hours every day) and that it had enough eggplant, which she likes. Aren’t you entertained and informed now?

I remembered why I never order tuna sandwiches from Eurodeli: they’re too fishy. Otherwise, though, it was satisfactory. What do other places do to reduce fishiness? Tons of lemon? Mayonnaise?


spaz said...

Five hours begad? Or is that an embellishment? And yes, euro deli has crapped out.

Forsoothsayer said...

5 hours begad! and she also takes classes and stuff.

thingsonmymindgrapes said...

Who has the time to work out for five hours a day? And how do her arms/legs not fall off? I'm skeptical.

Also, I thought you didn't order things that you could make at home?

Forsoothsayer said...

yeah, but it actually turned out to be a considerable effort to keep fresh bread, lettuce, and tomatoes in the house, plus canned corn and tuna, AND wake up early to make it. and by early i of course mean 9 am.

semi-expert said...

The Lebanese food in Cairo is ok, until you visit Lebanon. Then it becomes disappointing. But, all the same, I have some sort of atavistic fondness for the spare Egyptian kitchen. I don't order things I can make at home either, and I would never go near anything in Egypt with a sausage in it - except sugu'. The stand on Tahrir street sells the best anywhere. I kid you not, you can eat it on the street: it's so bubbling hot it can't harbour anything. And their torshi is fantastic too. Almost as good as mine, which is saying something.

Forsoothsayer said...

of course all the food in cairo is crap! i'm no fan of sogo2, actually, so i will spare myself the hepatitis.
also, i don't go to the dokki mohandessin areas much.