Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vital burgers

Contribution! This is from a friend who doesn't have a job, and therefore I let her post about random ordering - it was still during the daytime. Apply to me for translation if needed!

Have a gripe about the otherwisely wonderful Burger Kitchen (and Vital, they're in on this too). Homalletnein have the same parent company, Sage somethingorother, and are in fact open in the same location.
The order guy at Burger Kitchen has my number, of course, but this time I'm ordering from a new location so I carefully dictate the address, directions included - it takes some time. I ask for my burgers and then order a salad belmarra for the 3asafeer. They used to allow it (probably since they use the same kitchen); 3ala my luck el wesekh they changed their minds on a day I was especially hungry and therefore impatient. You can imagine my state of mind when the following habal ensued.
He informs me that I have to call the other number, and when I protest he tells me they're now a 'separate company.'
'No they're not.'
'Well, they're a separate restaurant.'
'Run by the same company.'
'In a different location.'
'..the same flat?'
'But a different kitchen!'
'No. But they have a different phone line and a, a different computer!' he says, triumphant.
Whatever. I slam the receiver down and dial Vital's number, which differs by one digit.
'Vital ma3 7adretak howmayIhelpyou?'
'It's you again? I want to add that salad to my order!'
'What is the phone number please?'
'But I was just on the phone with you! And you have caller ID!'
'Ok, ok, what is the address please?'
'I just gave you the fucking address!'
'No, but this is a new order and I please I needtheaddressplease'
I was about to literally blow my top, but counted to ten instead. Through gritted teeth, I manage, 'Is-the-address-from-the-BurgerKitchen-order-still-on-the-screen-in-front-of-you?'
The madness went on for some time, but eventually I terrorised him so much that he did everything I told him to, despite informing me (by this point in a whimper) that this was againsttherulesnowit'saseparatecompanyaseparatecompany like some robotic mantra. The poor bastard had shorted his brains out, caught between the devil and the deep blue sea of 7omoreyya that is Burger Kitchen/Vital's ordering system.
Fuckers. If it's the same fucking guy taking the orders for the same fucking customers, for food coming out of the same fucking kitchen then for fuck's sake get the same fucking number and quit this insanely bureaucratic fein wednak ya Go7a bullshit.


thingsonmymindgrapes said...

Was the food good fil akher? My boss swears by Buffalo Burger. Haven't tried them, but their potato skin-type fries are ridic.

Safiya Outlines said...

Yes, I was also left wondering if, after all that, the food actually tasted nice.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that: their food is generally excellent. Burgers are juicy and fresh-tasting rather than processed, and all the lettuce and tomato and stuff comes in a separate box so it doesn't sog. The fancy burgers are also good, using proper mushrooms and less-nasty-than-usual beef bacon (the nastiness being a byproduct of its bovine origins rather than the fault of BK). They also have a 'dining size' 200gm burger for those of us who think 150gm of meat is mas7 zor.
Vital is also a godsend, on the other end of the eating spectrum. Salads are massive, tasty, and contain all ingredients advertised; they have a build-your-own option for the creative types kaman. As for soups, I'd naffad the mushroom (canned) but the tomato is thick and rich and heartwarming, as is the asparagus (when it's on. Arrived watery and bland once).

mariamali7 said...
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mariamali7 said...

Can I just update this by saying that they have indeed wised up, and you can now order both at once. Sadly, that's also now pointless because Vital's salads and soups have gone down the toilet. They suck.
Re Buffalo Burger: the fries are fantastic, but the burger is overspiced, koftaesque and weird, even if it is a big slab of meat. TBK kicks its ass.

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